How much air can you get with a XR 650?

I took my XR650L out to a buddies house this weekend. I seen that he had a pile of dirt about 5ft. tall. After looking at the pile and then at my bike...the jumping had begun. I noticed that a little goose before the crest of the hill allowed the front tire to carry in the air insted of the typical nose dive! All in all, the bike performed really well. What kind of jumps have you tackled? What results did you get?

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I try not to do big jumps, I don't think my knees will take it. I have done some very high speed jumps over cattle grates in Mexico and landed a good 50 or 60 feet down the road. I guess I got about 5' of air but it was a long arc so I had a soft landing. This was on a XR600. I haven't had the 650 out yet.

Big air on a 650 is not adviseable. If you're a person of smaller stature and you have the suspension dialed, small talbetops and such would probably be OK. The bike is just meant to stay grounded going fast over wide open country. Plan on doing anything else with it and you'll be let down.

20' to 25' in the air the only let down was like you said the typical nose dive was the end result except for the separated collar bone. No let down though I'll be back to conquer the 10' beast. Stay on the gas and the bike loves to fly let off and you'll be sorry. (I am) The bike has a super soft landing for a big machine quit suprising. Fly high and run'er fast.

The Big Red Pig flys just fine on good sized jumps. If you seen them launching off the mud hole jump at the Adelanto Grand Prix, you'd definetly see that these pigs fly just fine as long as their suspension is setup accordingly, but that's true with most any bike. I watched Rob Barnum playing around earlier this year on his XR650R and he was clearing the top of my Weekend Warrior ToyBox trailer while he was just goofing off for the fun of it. It was amazing to watch him ride, but then he races professionally and also does suspension work for a living. There's also another guy in the Yahoo Group who goes by the handle "Johnny Airtime" and this guy was taking serious air on his XR650R without any problems. I don't have any pics of him in the air on his XR650R, but here's some pics of him on his CR500 so you can see just how this guy rides.

And here's some pictures of his XR650R.

Here's some quick pics of the mud hole jump from the Adelanto GP thanks to

Watching the local novice races on saturday night gave me an education in what an xr600 can do on a motocross course. This guy raced an old 600 headlight and all. He did well and jumped every jump on the track no problem, I am talking real airtime and beating alot of people with real motocross bikes.I could hardly believe it. One thing I have noticed-you have to hit the lip of the jump with the gas on or over the bars you go.Also flat landings are hell.After being used to the brp I almost looped out when I first got my crf.With the crf you dont want to punch it on takeoff and dont want to pull up on the bars either or loopout will result. The bikes require totally different techniques to hit big jumps.

Hey qadsan did you ever stop to think that it might had been Jonny Cambell if those pics at adelento were him. I Just talked to Jonny and he said those pics at adelento was him but the ones with the cr wern't of him. Hey maui do you know Tim Withers, he lives there in Hawaii he has a personal track that he rides every day. He is on the big island. His track is in the middle of his farm, it goes by his banana trees and other crop. It was also on Huevos Grandes 4 the movie. He lives off of Old Mamalahoa hwy. Just wanderin if you know who he is.

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Hey qadsan did you ever stop to think that it might had been Jonny Cambell if those pics at adelento were him...

No, I really didn't stop to think about it because I thought it was pretty obvious that Johnny Campbell is in two of those pics from the Adelanto GP. Perhaps I should have clarified that more. The Johnny Airtime guy I mentioned didn't race the Adelanto GP and he was only in the first two links. The pics I posted from the Adelanto GP were just some kool pics I posted to show the XR650R in the air. My XR650R is grounded for a while, at least until I get out of my wheelchair.

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I love to jump my BRP. Mostly tabletops or small doubles on the MX track or fast, small singles on the GP courses. I've seen one other guy on a BRP clear everything on the track on his. Huevos grande. My only holdback is suspension bottoming (it's stock and I weigh 230). Respringing is in order.

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