98 WR400 Carb problem, Help Needed

Need some help here guys, I'm trying to help my fiend get his 98 Wr400 running. The bike has been sitting for awhile and wouldn't start. last week I took the carb apart and cleaned the pilot jet, the bike started and ran fine. Yesterday, we went out to ride and the bike wouldn't run, it did start a few times, but wouldn't stay running. It feels like the pilot jet again, checked it, its clean. I tried changing the plug, it started for a few seconds, wouldn't stay running. Is this carb like a 2 stroke,I tried blowing through the gas line into the carb with the float bowl off? I didn't feel any air coming through while lifting or lowering the bowl, is that normal? Is there another jet besides the pilot that would cause this? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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that happened to me, and it wudnt idle w/o choke and wud die so we took it in to get it cleaned after hours of trying to fix it, the gave it back 2hrs and 110$ later and it ran fine. jus take it in i guess. they will clean the whole thing

Take the carb off and clean all of the jets and use compressed air to blow through all of the jets and passages. Drain any old fuel out of the tank and put some fresh gas in the tank.

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