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Let a friend (who rides an 03 YZ250) ride my 450 yesterday.

After 15 minutes in the saddle he felt confident enough to attempt an 85' tabletop that he had never made on his 250.Came down a little short his first attempt and nailed it on his second.Also hit a double that he had never attempted on his smoker.

When he got back I ribbed him about his first attempts on MY BIKE. :naughty:He smiled and said he felt more confident on the 450 than he did on his own.Yes he had ridden the thumper all of 15 minutes and felt more confident jumping it than the oil burner he has owned for two years :cry:

Later in the day he was just a hair from coming off the back of his bike attempting the same tabletop.Needless to say he is having second thoughts about the aluminum frame YZ he was planning on purchasing in December.

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