2005 wr 450

anybody have any feedback on the new big blue?

I personally havent ridden the 05. But I was amazed by the comments in the 250f forum with YZ250F Rider claiming his 05 450f is severley detuned as stock and his 250 f (262kit)is quicker. quote

"I just put a 262 kit and a set of hotcams on both of our 04 yz250f's. Both are quicker than my 05 yz450f. They are rev monsters. They feel like the 450 does but rev much quicker.

however, the 450 has nearly twice the displacement so it has massive potential for more power. And it's forks blows the 250 forks out of the water. "


The rumor is that 05 WR450 will have a bit less hit on the bottom end and will feel like a CRF when you get on it. Of course this bike will need to be unplugged to run like any WR. It sounds to me like the 250F thread that was posted without the new bike being unplugged so of course it is not going to run against a hopped up 250F. I have run my 04 450 vs. a 250 and in the low end we are close but in the upper gears the 250F will fade fast. I think the 05 will be a good bike but to take suspension and fuel away to save a pound does not make sense...I would look for an 04 at a steal of a price.

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