Suggestions for a good riding jacket

I'm looking for any suggestions on the best enduro type jackets out there. I'm looking at Moose's XRC. Anything else I should consider? I'll use it for about 70% road and 30% off...Thanks in advance.

Joe Rocket makes a nice jacket. Elbow, back and shoulder pads with flow thru mesh for hot weather and a zip in liner also. There a are a couple of pockets. I ordered mine thru a local shop

First gear also makes one like the joe rocket. All mesh with a liner for chili weather. They are both excellent jackets that feel almost like wearing nothing.

I and a few buddies of mine wear the Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0 jacket for most of our off road riding. Comes with a zip out liner, elbow, back and shoulder pads plus plenty of pockets.

I also have a Joe Rocket, but it's the ballistic 3.0 and I like it a lot when the weather cools down. I was planning to buy a few more jackets as Christmas gifts and came upon this listing on eBay. The SpeedRag GMS jackets don't look too bad for the $59 price, but I've not seen them in person to know how nice they really are. Here's the link...

Thanks for the input...The Impact looks like the best one for me. The bad thing is Acerbis relocated to Salt Lake City since they merged with Scott USA and it appears that's put them behind schedule a bit. A few shops have said they're not getting their '05 jackets until Dec., and all the '04's in my size are gone. I'll make due until then.

Thanks again for the help. :cry:

I've had my Moose XCR jacket for over two years now, wouldn't even consider anything else.. :cry:

... hmmm, I seem to be seriously out of fashion in my Carhart canvas coat ... and I'm not even a carpenter ... no wonder I can't seem to go fast

if you want the best thats simple...Aerostitch...also the most expensive

I have a Hein Gericke Hi Dry....It's water proof, wind broof, the liner zips out, has fore amr, sholder and back armer inside. I got it on sale for %60 off at Chaparral for $99..I bought it because it is red and black:LOL:

Chaparral Jacket

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