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Clickers and such, help?

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Hey guys. I'm moving form a 230F onto a YZ250F. First things first. Biek with clickers, bike without clickers...

How do I set up the clickers so that it fits my riding style?

Also what is the general rule of thumb when I ride a sandy/soft pack track or a hard/packed track? What should the rebound be doing.

Also, last question, does turning the clickers out increase the rebound or decrease it? :cry:

As much info as you guys can give me is greatly apreciated :cry:

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turn them clockwise for more rebound or stiffer compression

but if it bottoms add oil like 2.5mm - 5mm and back off the clickers a 2-3 clicks

it should soak up the bumps and if the front of the bike starts geting really out of shape in the front end over fast bumpy stuff like the front bounces all over the place its to stiff

have a look at the markings where the forks slide up and down if more than 80-90% is shiney from smaller jumps and its not dusty

add some oil

if the back seems to sink down a long way when you do a wheelie turn the screw 1-2 clicks then check the difference

if the wheel hits the gaurd on big jumps then turn the big nut a few clicks(high comp adjustment) its anodized red on my bike.

this is what i have been taught if its wrong set me straight

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