What pipe do you guys like ?

i see a few of you guys have the fmf factory four system and i kinda want to pipe my bike and would like some opinions like full system or slip on power, sound, ect. let me know i really like the look of the anodized factory 4 and the sound of it. (well on a crf450) but dont notice the power that much :cry: :cry: :cry:

I like my CRD Absolute Power. Plenty of power yet not near as obnoxius as the FMF and Pro Circuit pipes. :cry:

A thunder alley is 350 bucks brand new, custom built and will liven up your bike in a day and night difference sort of way. Other than the jemco(more of a top end oriented exhaust, the TA is a low/midrange), the TA unmatched for bang for you buck.

I like the stock sound... but it does stick out a little far....as far a power the damn thing already has enough. :cry:

I am wondering the same thing, Lately I have been looking at the gytr carbon fiber slip on. it is cheaper and I would think lighter. anybody ever use these??

I am wondering the same thing, Lately I have been looking at the gytr carbon fiber slip on. it is cheaper and I would think lighter. anybody ever use these??

I put one on my kids yz250f. What a waste of a pipe. It made less power than the stock pipe.

I just ran the 05 450 with a Ti-4 pipe on it, loud is an understatement. I run a T-4 on my yz250f so I am used to it. But it will never pass 96db. I would venture that it's at 104.

The dr. d pipe was chosen in the last shootout because it reduced the hit down low. Considering they changed the way the bike responds coming out of the hole this year, you dont need a pipe thats going to make it even less responsive there.

I would wait for a shootout on the 05 pipes to see if the dr. d still tones the bike down.

The FMF Factory 4 makes the powerband much smoother and the bike alot easier to ride.

Same thing here, good product and it won't make the ears bleed :cry:

thats funny because dr.d was acually one i was looking into with the big gun factory 4 and pro circuit but thanks and keep them coming still like to no more they cost alot

Stock... look at the dyno figures... unless you want to change sound or bad characteristics (or shed weight) stay with the stocker. Yamaha made a damn good pipe straight out of the box IMHO.

I disagree with the stock pipe quote - White Bros Alum race series is the best for me - I have drd slip on for sale cheap if you want it pm me.

Boy I dont know about the stock pipe comment. The Ti-4 made big differences across the powerband over the stock pipe.

And makes the power smoother. Which makes me nervous about what it would do to an 05.

does anyone know the sound db on a stock o4 yz450 pipe?

i got the fmf fact 4 pros: it was a lot lighter than stock and had a small performance boost cons: did not like the jet kit that came with it and was a little expensive.

yeah my friend got a lsip on for his crf and it didnt have great perfomance boost eather just deepend the sound a bit it seemed like

I come from the school of two strokes... if a pipe doesn't add at least 10-15 % HP whats the point :cry:

By the look of most of your guys sigs it seems like you have a pretty inexhaustible source of funds, if I did I would probably pipe the ole' girl :cry: I'd rather spend my pennies on suspension work... all the power is for naught, if you can't get her to handle properly :cry:

pro circuit because you can change out the cap for your riding style. :cry: :cry: :cry:

what do you mean changed the cap? is it loud?

but that sounds cool

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