What pipe do you guys like ?

you can also get a butt plug for the pro circuit pipes as well. So on race day you can toss it in and meet the 96 db limit.

But you do have to lean the jetting down some to do that, and the power does go down as well.

I come from the school of two strokes... if a pipe doesn't add at least 10-15 % HP whats the point :cry:

By the look of most of your guys sigs it seems like you have a pretty inexhaustible source of funds, if I did I would probably pipe the ole' girl :cry: I'd rather spend my pennies on suspension work... all the power is for naught, if you can't get her to handle properly :cry:

Sometimes its not about getting more power when you add a pipe. I have the FMF system on my 450. Sure it add a couple hp but it also made it more managable. And that for many people such as the people who dont care for the hit like all of Factory Yamaha last year, that is more important.

I disagree with the stock pipe quote - White Bros Alum race series is the best for me - I have drd slip on for sale cheap if you want it pm me.

PM'd ya about the Dubach.

hmm i didnt get any pm's

Stock... look at the dyno figures... unless you want to change sound or bad characteristics (or shed weight) stay with the stocker. Yamaha made a damn good pipe straight out of the box IMHO.

I disagree on that :cry:

I startet out with the stock pipe on my ´01 YZ426. This was my first bike ever so i thought it had plenty of power for me. Later i bought a used slip on WB e-series and damn did that make the bike pull like a train! :cry: Before i couldn´t take some of the tight corners with lots of sand in 3rd, but now it shoots out like a rocket..

I have just installed a brand new complete DR.D and that thing rox..

right now from you guys its looking like the doctor and i will have to get to know each other :cry:

ok now cough. :cry:

Another favorable for the FMF. A tad more top (on the dyno, anyway)and a real seat of the pants improvement from the bottom through the middle. Works best with the Power Bomb head pipe. Also saves a little weight, and it's weight that's mounted high on the bike, too.

i got a good deal on the dr d hough kinda hard to turn down the offer just gott get the money now thanks for your help guys and if you know anyhting baout the question i asked in the fowling plugs thread can you guys help me because its weird that it takes along time to start after washing my bike :cry:

ive heard nothing but good things about the Thunder Alley. that should definately be one of your top choices.

do you have any links for the thunder ally i herd good things to

thunder alley

there you go.

some guy said he will take 200 for thunder alley slip on w/ spark slip on and ceramic coated im hopeing her keeps that untill i ghet the money

I guess I'm still a fan of the WB R4. I had it on my 250F ad on my Raptor and it made a world of differance in the power delivery. It also sounded pretty good without being too obnoxious and it was on the lower level in the price range. I haven't ridden the 05 450 yet, but after I do, if I think I need to change silencers (or loudeners as yhey should be called) I will look at the R4 first.

I love my FMF Titanium Series system, it is a little spendy but it sounds sweet and i noticed big power increases

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