2000-2002 wr426

what are some pros/cons on a 2000-2002 wr426.what is a reasonable price,reliablity,starting ease/difficulty,power delivery,anything and everything you can think of.

The 2000 WR was a 400. :cry:

They are heavy... 275 Lbs with gas, bark busters, skid plate etc...

On an fast trail... not tight... not OPEN... I frieken LOVE it. Can keep up with most anyone but when it gets tight and technical... I lack... get tired.

Power delivery? CRACK! Gone. They hit hard... which in turn may be worse than smooth delivery in some situations.

Hill climbing... WOW. A monster with the YZ mod and the right jetting. It gets up in the R's and doesn't want to quit.

Never have a problem starting it... and maintainance is nil.

I do not have the grey wire clipped... seems to stall EASIER in the nasty tight stuff but that is likely lack of proper throttle/clutch control.

I have a 2002 wr 426 I love this thing.I went from a kx 250 1990.To my WR It did take a little getting used to.It is a little heavy close to 270.Once you get the starting thing down.Its way easy.I was going to get newer cams but decided not to.I swear after the last two weekends at hollister this thing will climb anything if you can hangon to it.Mine is so reliable never had any problems.always starts first or second kick.GREAT BIKE for me anyway good luck.just take good care of it hopefully it will take good care of you. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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