Some questions for Katoooom

Katooom, as you have returned and as I was

interested in your posts a few months back,

can I ask for some clarification?

In one of your posts earlier this week you say

that you sold most of your xr650rs. In your

other post you say that you still have a few

xr650rs for sale.

Can I assume that you operate a dirt bike

hire company ?

How many of your xr650rs had the internal

valve thing seize leading to countershaft


Was it just the one? you invested $6000 on

suspension improvements that blew.

How come , a few months back, you didn't

tell us you owned several xr650rs but rather

cited accounts of friends with blowing

countershaft seals instead ?.

I might have paid more attention to your

claims had I known you owned several.

Do you not think that someone trying to

offload several items( that he really regrets

buying) is shooting himself in the foot by

telling the world how crap those products are?

If I come over on holiday would you be

willing to hire me an xr650r at a very

favourable rate since there so crap?

How many are you still trying to sell, as

I might be interested in buying them all and

shipping them back to Britain ( to set

up my own hire company).

cheers, Craig


You must be bored silly. BTW, where can you get up to 110 mph on that little island you live on? :)

Katoom, I attributed your criticisms of a few

months back to the fact that you were unlucky

re. the sticking valve. In your post earlier

this week you go on to express dissapointment

in the xr's weight, and lack of kickstart.

I find it hard to fathom why you purchased several new to the market bikes without reading

the sales blurb or magazine reports.

Everyone was aware that the pig was replacing

the xr600, that it weighed roughly the same,

that the physical size was the same, that there

was no button, that tight trails would be a


You also advise some one that xr650rs can

cruise at 110 all day. Is that kilometres per

hour? If it's miles per hour then please

tell me how many of your pigs could do this

and what modifications were needed.

Last year I ran the Australian gearing

15/41 I think, and top speed was 105mph.

I now run 15/48, HRC piston & cam kit and

if I can cruise at 110 this summer I'll eat my


Did you have one of those Swiss turbo xr650r

beasts in your stable?

Please clarify.

cheers, Craig

Needsprayer, very astute. I was bored silly

cause the sun was shining for a change but I

was stuck at home watching my 4 kids. If only

my xr650r would break down or require more

maintainence ( like some non-Honda makes)I guess

I wouldn't have so much free time.

I am a Psychiatric nurse/alcohol counsellor by profession,

and all day yesterday I was paid to listen

to lets say " a load of nonsense" in an

empathic and non-judgemental way.

To come home from the asylum, tune into

Thumpertalk and read some of the posts was

just to much for me.

I'll get my medication increased.

Re. where in Britain we can do 110 mph.

One of the reasons I traded in my ninja zx6

for a brp was to prevent me travelling

at 140. Although we seem to have more twisty

roads than USA, there are plenty of places

where sportbike riders can and do travell

at twice the speed limit ( 70).

On a ride-out with other sport bikes 3 years

ago, we pulled over for coffee. A traffic

policeman approached and said

" keep it under 100 and on two wheels boys

and you won't hear from us". I thought

this was good realistic policing.

I now however do my brp speed tests early

mornings and I restrict my wheelie practice

to deserted country roads. And yes, I

have got it up once in fifth.

cheers, Craig


I put on a 13 tooth front sprocket (Sprocket Specialists) recently and went trail riding. You get to use fifth gear more often. The BRP really rips in three and fourth gear and fifth feels like a turbo booster kicks in. :)

It is a great aid in slow speed cornering. Second gear can now chug like first gear would with a 14 tooth sprocket.

I am also able to hit third with more authority when I want to pull a higher gear for small jumps.

The best medication is riding so have at it. :D

I like the 13 tooth idea. I ran a 13 on my XR600 and I run one on my DRZ as well. I switch over to a 15 for desert but for the woods 13 has been the way to go. I think I'll pick one up this week end before my ride.

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