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Convert single filament taillight to dual filament (KLX300 & 650R)

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Is there a quick and easy way to convert the stock taillight assembly to accept a dual-filament bulb (for a street conversion)? I realize I could buy a new taillight assembly but my goal is to save money and keep as much of the stock bike as possible.


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Yes, it's a piece of cake. You need to go to your local auto store (I

went to pep boys) and get a dual filament socket and bulb and go


to get a brake switch -


Your new socket will have 3 wires hanging off the back. I hope I say

this right cause I'm not a electronics whiz, but I know the basic gist

of it:

It's so much easier to draw a picture, but I'll try to put it into

words. There will now be 3 wires coming out of the new socket (In


case it was two blacks and a white) and two old wires coming from


front of the KLX back towards the old tail light housing. The two


that go back to your current tail light do the following:

One KLX wire goes to the ground wire coming out of the socket. (In my

case - the white) It will probably be one color and the other two

wires will be a different color. I hooked the white up directly to one

of the two wires coming from the front of the bike. Then the other KLX

wire needs a "Y" connector on it. One side of the Y gets hooked up to

the other KLX wire that went to the old tail light - the one coming

from the front of the bike. The second leg of the Y will go to another

of the 3 wires - one of the colored ones (in my case a black.) Which

black is the trick. You may have to switch them around as mine weren't

marked. One is for the running/on light and one is for the brake

light. The 3rd leg of the Y goes down to your brake switch on the rear

cylinder. In one side, out the other side and back to the tailight to

the last wire (the second black in my case) of the new socket.

I'd suggest those bullet type connectors. The kind that have plastic

sealing all around them and that press fit tight (the above site will

have them). Also, I personally solder the connections instead of

crimping them - on a dirt bike you'll find they will be much more

reliable. If you can't discern how to do it from this description, I

can probably draw you a pic and send it. Good luck - it's pretty easy

and a lot cheaper than a DS kit.


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