That video Indy and Dave posted have inspired me to share some of my riding stashes. Hopefully this winter I can pop for a helmet cam and get some footage of some of these trails. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but my camera pooped, so a thousand words will have to suffice :cry: I promise to post a few pics once Nikon decides to fix my camera. Is stupidity covered under warranty? :cry:

I hope all you guys had a chance to get out and ride this last weekend. It was one of the best weekends I've had on a bike. Here in Northern Wisconsin it was 70 degrees, sunny, 0 wind, and all the fall colors are peaking.

I hooked up with my two riding buddies, loaded fresh batteries in the GPS and followed the little digital crumb trail. I really think we have some of the best stuff going. So much variety, it's a dirtbike rider's dream. Hard pack, sand, mud, rock, oak hollows, single track, sand hills, twistys, switchbacks, mud holes, puddles, scenic lake overlooks and even some nasty bogs.

My bog story deserves it's own paragraph here. I walked 3/4 of this particular bog to make sure it was solid enough to ride through. It was fairly solid, so I said let's do it. So I'm plonkin through this bog (which I'm proud to say I was the first wheeled vehicle to ever go through it :cry:)and the front wheel punches through alomost two feet. 15mph to dead stop,needless to say, the suspension pogo'd and sent me full front flip over the bars. I almost landed back on my feet, didn't hurt a thing. It was actually really funny. Digging the front wheel out, was not so humorous. Nonetheless, this weekend was great. We all had a killer Sunday. Fast & flowing, not all sketchy and nervous. It was great, we were all so amped at the end of the day, we where bummed when we had to quit. Stupid work. :cry:

These trails are something I would love to share with any willing Thumper rider visiting the Midwest. Our group of three are the only riders using these trails, it's kind of weird, but really nice too. Once I get some pics, and some video this spring, anyone interested in riding this stuff can PM me and set it up. The more the merrier. I AM WILLING TO SHARE!

Keep Thumpin. :cry:


I can only imagine what you looked like in the mud bog! I saw TT member Mike Hudson do a nice one at Coal Creek in TN. That would make interesting helmet cam footage. :cry: Hey I ride in Wisconsin with a few TT members. I usually ride up there in the summer months when it is too hot down south. UP Michigan and Wisconsin are great. Which county were you riding in? Iron, Washburn, Bayfield or Douglas? They all have great riding. I would be good to hook up for some weekends next year. I am doing my last northern ride for the year in the UP this weekend. :cry:


I live in Vilas county actually. I'm 45 minutes out of da UP eh! Where are you riding up there? We usually trailer our bikes up to Copper Harbor. I'm gonna PM you specifics. I have to flippin' work this weekend. :cry: But we'll hook it up for sure.

Great lets plan on hooking up! :cry:

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