Acerbis Rally Brush Guards?

Has anyone had any experience installing the Acerbis Rally Brush Guards on a set of fat bars? I wish I would have purchased the Rally pro's with the aluminum bar instead. They look much easier to install.

Does anyone have any tips for me?



I smacked a couple trees with them and they held up fine - actually better than the plastic-encased-aluminum ones I used to run on my XR250. No broken fingers either.

:) Mac

If I remember right, I don't think the mounting hardware that comes with the Rally guards is made to work on fat bars. The clamp that goes around the bar isn't big enough.

i think when i used have them i had to ask for the pro taper mounting kit.

I have the rally pro's and I like them a lot. My buddy who had the rally's (plastic), broke both of them last pro's (with aluminum) are holding up find.

My last set of Moose barkbusters took a beating and never broke at fact they were still on the bike whenever some jack*ss stole it...

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