XR-R Starting on kickstand

Howdy, just bought a 2000 650R with the standard HRC breathing mods. I am more than impressed and looking forward to slinging quite a bit of dirt and ruining many knobbies on the street. I have these starting questions:

1) Do you give it a throttle twist (as on the Yamathumper) before a cold start?

2) Has anyone bent the kickstand or kickstand mount by starting the bike by standing on the pegs with the kickstand down? It looks pretty beefy and it makes it much easier to get the leverage on the starter.

Gotta disagree slightly. I have found that

I have to "catch the revs" as soon as she fires

ie. do not allow for any tickover time before

touching the throttle.

Perhaps this is due to running a different

( lower )tick-over speed than other owners.

cheers, Craig

Don't touch the throttle until it has ticked over for a few seconds then open it very slightly and slowly, unless it has a different carb to original.

I wouldn't start it on the kickstand. I know of a couple guys that always started their XR400's that way, and the frame cracked where the kickstand bolts on. The 650 may be sturdier, but it'll still probably happen eventually.

Twisting the throttle while the motor isn't running doesn't do anything (it doesn't have a pumper carb). To start it cold, just flip the choke on, bring the motor a little past TDC, and kick with no throttle.

I have found that an immediate blip after initial lightoff is beneficial.

I had just assumed it had a pumper carb. Thanks for the correction.

The kickstand thing is a real question, because it makes it quite a bit easier to start when standing up high. Maybe Honda can answer the question definitively.

I've had good luck turning the fast idle screw up a half-turn - performs the same function as blipping the throttle, which I can never seem to do properly :)

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