Steering Dampers

Hi Guys, 1st post. I recently purchased a 2002 BRP. I ride Ocotillo Wells mostly. I LOVE this bike! I rode it about 50 yards stock & immediatly did the HRC treachiotomy surgury and let it breath! I have heard all the talk about steering dampers and as I have yet to ride a bike with one...are they hype or do they really make a substantial difference. The bike is the most stable one I have ever owned at speed (My other bike is a '98 CR 500). Anybody out there have any opionions? I would love to get some feedback. Scotts? GPR? Anybody tried that new damper that's built into the triple clamp. I saw it as a new product in one of the magazines...uh oh, they are looking over my shoulder here at work! Gotta Go!

I just picked up a new 2001 and have only put 89 miles on it. I ordered a Scotts damper and should be here next week. I can't say what it will do for the 650 but I have one on my DRZ and is the best money spent. The damper works best in sand or rocks. It has a high speed damper as well so you only see it with a big hit. It could be the difference between crashing or not. The damper works when you turn the bars and free wheels back stright. This way it slows the bar movement from a hit and allows you to correct easly. Its fully adjustable on the fly and that is a plus.

Best money youll ever spend on a bike. I run the scotts unit. I think it offers the most adjustability for a guy like me who does all kinds of, hare scrambles, desert, cross country. Its great for trail riding too.

You wont realize how much it helps at first. But once ,I broke the arm on one and when I got going again (Vegas to Reno 1996) I thought my front wheel was coming loose. I actually pulled over to check to see if my front end was coming apart on me. Then I noticed the problem.

GO for it.

Somewhat related... In the June 2002 of "Dirt Rider" mag (I think) there is a one page article about a rear suspension damper. It mounts on the axle and is supposed to keep the rear wheel planted on the ground. It's called the Inertia Suspension Stabilizer, made by a company in Argentina and MSRP is $275. Anyone know more about this?

i run a wer stabilizer and cann't figure how i ever rode with out it. the best mod so far. i ride ecea enduros and it has definitly improved my riding. that and uncorking. later

Has anyone ever used one of the WER Dampers?

I really like the Scotts unit and have seen many of them in use but on the XR650L There's already a ton of stuff up top on the triple clamp and the WER mounts down on the front fender mounts.

anyone? anyone? :)

i installed it this season and so far so good! some friends of mine run the scotts on their drz's and they seem to deflect like a ping pong ball in the rocks and roots. i not sure if its a fork set up prob or the damp. all i know is i don't feel it in the turns and it saves my ass when im bark bustin..out east. i don't know how i rode without it before.

Thanks for the input guys. Looks like I'm gonna hafta get a Scotts for my Carnita Rojo Grande!

Sorry Hourout, guess I should read the whole post and not just "skim" it.

So your WER damper was worth the money? I haven't seen any of them around (Scotts being a major name brand)and was wondering about the quality and effectivness of the WER.


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