HRC piston and cam

I'm considering installing the HRC piston and cam power up kit in my 650R. Has anyone done this and what are your thoughts on the added power output. I'm going to convert this bike into a Super Motard but keep the dirt wheels and ride offroad too. Also, they claim a 20% increase in power. Is this from absolute stock without the power up kit (manifold,jets and baffle)or is the 20% claim over the power up kit. I've seen numerous power graphs and power claims and they all seem different. What does an XR actually put out at the rear wheel stock, power up kit, and HRC piston and cam. Thanks


powered up ( = stock UK ) about 49rwhp

HRC kit with an Open exhaust claims 15%

ie. 7 rwhp.

I have the kit, put it in myself, it cost

£820 with the new clutch bushing, took

ten hours to install.

The sweet arm-wrenching torque around

55mph then became a huge band from 50 to 70.

More power everywhere in the rev range too.

The fellow Brit I bought an Arrow exhaust

from got a Dyno rwhp of 58 with his kit.

cheers, Craig

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