question about repair....

how much will it cost to get a hole fixed in the casing my chaing snapped and put a hole in the casing a small one but i think there is internal damage too not positive though because when i pull the clutch in the front sprocket wont spin it jams so if anyone has an idea of what the repair cost would be, could u tell me

You're talking about splitting the cases. To have a dealership do it, you're gonna get a big bill....someone help me out here, maybe $4-500 labor? Then, you'll need new gaskets, fix any damage inside, new case, and oh, by the way, since you have it all apart, might as well throw in a new piston, rings, valve job, bearings, cam chain, clutch (?), etc. etc. It's just easier and cheaper to find a good used motor and swap them out (if you find one you can trust).

You probably got metal in the crank case. You need to completely re-build the motor and a new set of cases. Plus a complete gasket kit, I’d also throw in new rings at the bare minimum. Also I’d replace all the seals. What year bike do you have and how many hours are on the motor. You can save a lot of money by doing the work your self. If your not sure how I’m sure a fellow T.T.’r will be glad to help you out.

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