yzf400 w/ WB E-Series: How many discs?

Hey, wats the best number of disks to run on the white brothers e series pipe for a 99 yzf400? is it the same number with the quiet core installed? and does it differ for each endcap? id be running the flat cap or the large euro opening. idf thiss was already asked somewhere on TT, sry,i looked but i couldnt find it


I run the large opening and the closed end cap for spark arrester. I think I used 12 disc. Make sure you use anti seize on those bolts or you will be sorry. I have never tuned mine. So I cant really help you there. I also have a 426.

No disc, turn down tip. Same with the quiet core installed.

I modified a screen type SA unit from a ProCircuit pipe to work in the E series. Running disc in mud is not a good idea. they pack with mud and restrict your exhaust causing the bike to die.

Depends on your bike, I have guys that use 7 discs and the spark arrestor plate, and mine runs better with 10 discs and the plate. But when I got the bike, it was just open, no discs at all. Talk about loud! The best thing to do is take and have it tuned, or just play with it like I did, you will know if it isn't right. I would advise purchasing the deflector that goes in between your pipe and the fender if you like keeping your fender its original color, mine turned bvrown from the heat/exhaust.

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