ThumperTalk fund raising ideas.....

We all know that Bryan drives around Colorado in a Gold plated Bentley from all of the proceeds from "TT" but I was thinking about some ideas to raise more money for him so he can buy the "Colorado Avalanche"...

1)Car wash

2)sell candy bars

3)sell multi-level marketing long distance services

4)open up a full tilt boogie WR hop-up shop in Colorado called "TT WR-customs"

5)start up a new hybrid magazine called "Volleyball and Roosting"

You can tell im bored... Too sore from riding to go to work...

oh oh oh, how about a strip club right off the trail called THE ROOST!

How about a contest based on your most embarassing moments while you were growing up? Run it like an AMA event, high entry fee's and organized confusion. No, that wont work, but the entry fee's might. Pay the first three places for the best stories. And best of confirmations. Could even be called a liars club. Or it could be related to Bench Racing.

Can you tell, I am bored also.


Open up a GPS repair shop

Have Dan's band play at a rave in the desert ($20 a head)

WR power up kits for $100 (a pair of cheap scissors for the gray wire)


I got a story,

This one time at Band Camp, oh no , I mean, uh hummm, er , trail bike camp that is,,,,,,,,

Hey Ron: We could sell 1000 piece tap and dye sets. One tap and one dye and nine hundred and ninty eight washers. And a free pair of cheap sissors for the gray wire. All for just $29.95 plus shipping.

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