Trick Dual Sport kit

Not to degrade anybody's kits but you could assemble you own components from over the counter bike shops and make the bike the way you want it(most dual sport kits are bulky and ugly) so it won't have to look like a clone of a bunch of other people's bikes,also you could run some serious headlights(with rewound stator)instead of a pathetic 50w or so that most have and lastly you'll save money....This seems to be an unusual case where the sum of the parts does NOT exeed the whole

Has anybody used the Trick Dual Sport kit? ( ) It looks well made and is priced a lot better than the Electrex kit.

I have installed 3 Baja Designs kits over the past 8 years on XR's and this time I chose Dale's TrickDualSport kit for my new KTM 400EXC. The self contained electronics in the number plate is the way many of the new kits are going and makes installation and removal much easier for the end user. Dale supports his product in an extraordinary fashion and I am very pleased with the advantages of the kit. Keep in mind that the self contained turn signals, that don't break in crashes as easily, are not fully DOT legal.


My dad and brother both have Dale's kits on their WRs. They're really good and he'll will do whatever it takes to make sure you're completly happy with his kit.

Dan :)

This is the first I've heard of the Trick Kit. Do they have a website? I tried doing a word search but nothing was coming up. Phone number? Address? Anything?

BBD left a link,it's a different color than the rest of the text or at least it should be....Click on it and see

I'm dual sporting my scoot (minimally) and have found everything I need besides tires on ebay. That and scraped stuff from the SP100 I have. Totally, I'm looking at about 30 bucks for money spent (less the tires, add another 100 bucks or so. :) )

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