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Economics of a dirt track. (Question)

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How do you make money (just to break even) with a dirt bike track.

The start up cost would be astronomical:

1. Land

2. Equipment

3. Insurance *shiver* :cry:

4. Maintenance

5. Security

6. …. :cry:

So, how do you at least break even? There is not a track within 200 miles from me, but I don’t think the population up here can support a track.

Can you use a MX track in the winter with sleds?

How do the USA tracks stay working? Is it because of the larger population?

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People in this area, Idaho and Wyoming, that have tracks usually have a bit of land to support it. Those with land usually have a tractor or know people in the construction business that have tractors and water trucks etc. As for insurance...its called a WAIVER. I know, I know I can hear you already, "waivers dont mean s**t". Well, it does around here where the good ol' boy network still rules. Besides, if you as an adult, get on someones private property to ride a track, the owner would then just claim ...you got it, TRESSPASSING. The rider loses in court. Beside people that ride know it is a dangerous sport; that is why we like it!! :cry:

As far as support there are tracks that charge $10 to $20 bucks a day to get on where others just look for you to do a bit of work in trade for the use of the track. Smoothing out berms, taking ruts out, that kind of stuff. It seems to work out well and I too live in an area that soes not have a ton of riders around.

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