DRZ - S Head Pipe VS. DRZ - E Head Pipe...Does E Produce More Power???

I have a 2004 DRZ 400s with a CHM Pipe on it. I'm being told that if I were to put on the "E" model head pipe, it would produce more power. Is this true? There saying the "E" model has a bigger diameter which will produce more mid to top end. Please give me your thoughts on this.

your CHM Pipe must be a slip-on, if so a E h-p will not fit it! but a E h-P is a better starting point then a S h-p for sure! so with that said I think you should Buy A Full System Yosh or just ride it til you dent it then buy a Full System from of any brand from the TT Store Good Luck :cry: :cry:

the 400e pipe is to short to fit the drz 400s, I know because that was the first system I recieved from the dealer. I had it all on and wham like 1-2 inches short of the mid pipe to the head pipe :cry: I put the right system on and am thrilled with it. Full yosh and jet then air box is the way to roll before doing things like cams and bigbore stuff :cry: :cry:

My CHM is a slip on but it goes all the way up to the collector. CHM makes a pipe for the E and and pipe for the S. The only difference in the two is the size of the collector opening. The E is a bit bigger.

It doesn't make sense to me that the E would be shorter then the S from the motor to the mid pipe....it's the same engine. :cry: My buddy works for CHM and he said he would take my pipe back, cut off the collar, and re-weld the E collector on if I find out that it will perform better with the E head pipe.

Will it perform better???

Is the E head pipe really shorter then the S head pipe???

the E head pipe is the same length,but 3mm larger.

does make more power.

imho even the E head pipe leaves alot to be desired.

Thanks burned.........you the man! :cry:

Hey, i just bought a US 2006 DRZ400S, will the 05' exhaust systems fit a 06' ?

Also, will a E model headpipe fit on my 06' S ? more power ?? :banghead:

The "E" header pipe will as Burned has said fit, and should make more power, and is a fairly easy mod.

You will have to find (or make) an adaptor to join the two together.

I am using an FMF PowerBomb header (bigger bore than either the "S" or "E")

This has been used with the following to date, standard "S" silencer, this made a marked improvement to performance, next I drilled the end plate on the standard can, no improvement but sounded more like a motorcycle.

Then a Leo Vince Titanium slip on system followed, this was very noisy and made very little improvement to power, in fact it lost some in the lower rev range. I then fitted a decibel killer, this gave some bottom end back without affecting top end.

After bending the Leo Vince system I obtained a nearly new (10 miles) exhaust from an "E" (from a fellow TT'er, thanks Darrenp1), after making a sleeve to make it fit the 41 mm diameter FMF header (Alloy bar, bored to 41.1 mm and 47 mm diameter on the outside to fit the "E" can) I find that over all it performs better than the Leo Vince, which was a pleasant surprise, but not what I was expecting.

The header will give a better power gain than a slip on in my experience.

I think that the "S" system in the states is a more open exhaust than the UK "S" (Burned would be able to confirm this) and I would expect that on a nearly stock DRZ (just the 3x3 and D/Jet) it is probably all you really need.



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