Best place (Cheapest) to but Dunlap 606's for my XR650L

Either a store or on line - where's the best place to buy tires? Also, is there an auto tire store that selss and installs motorcycle tires? Thanks

Get with Don at the Thumper Talk Store. He beat Rocky Mountain's price on 606's for my Dual Sported XR650R!

Go Donny, Go Donny! :cry: or Thumpertalk store if their price and service is better. I have ordered too much stuff to mention from Rocky Mountain and I have never had a problem and I can't find cheaper prices from any established(not fly by night) companies, other than sometimes Good Luck, Walt

Don't hesitate to look local first. I just bought a set at a local motorcycle store in my hometown for $59 rear and $56 front which matched the best deal I could find on line. Dennis Kirk is charging over $80 for each so stay away from them.

here is a trick. go to the maw(motorcycle accesory warehouse) website or ad in a magazine. they have 606's for i believe $55. dennis kirk will sell any tire $1 less than anyone else, including shipping. so order from dennis kirk and get it a dollar cheaper. just an fyi.

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