Motor Mounts - 426 & 450 same?

Looking at doing a hybrid project that's been set up for the 426 but I want the e-button so it has to become a 450. Anyone have or know if the motor mounts are the same between the WR426 and the WR450? Thanks in advance!

dout it the part numbers are not the same. you mite have to make something. What are you puting the engin on?

I'd like to put a WR450 motor into a Yamaha TZ250 race bike. I've got a line on a TZ that has a 426 in it now but I want a little more power (who doesn't!) and the e-button. If I knew for sure the 450 would go in, I'd buy the whole bike, sell the 426 motor, buy a 450, part out all but the motor, and have exactly what I want... There I go, dreaming again...

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