what to clean an airfiler with

I am using bel ray filter oil which works great, but what do you guys use to wash the used filters with?

Carosene or gasoline works but are not ideal.

Any advise?


You can go down to your local dealer and get a can of air filter cleaner. I like the PJ1 myself but I think they are all about the same.

If you are into it you could go to an auto part place and get a parts washer and the right amount of cleaner thgen you will be golden.

No Toil

Karesine is ok :thumbsup:but don't use gas. :cry:

ditto no toil system.

clean it the first time in simple green, then no toil from then on. biodegradable, and easy on the hands, sink, plumbing, etc.

btw, i did the snorkelectomy buy NOT cut the holes in my airbox, and i am amazed at how much cleaner it stays than my riding buddy's air filters. this thing has so much power anyway :cry:

carb cleaner and compresed air. carb cleaner is expensive and I use about 1/2 a can soaking the filter down. I know not every one has acceas to compresed air, but if you do blowing the back side of the filter gets it the cleanest. I work in a shop so its all free they don't pay me enof any ways.

I've always used gas. What's wrong with it?


Paint thinner????? Will that be a bad thing? :cry:

mineral spirits first and then simple green or equivalent, let dry next to a fan until dry. I use 2 filters and rotate then.

I use Dawn Dish Soap. I squirt it on heavy, rub it in, let soak, then rinse and repeat. Let dry completely before oiling. I will use gasoline when I'm pressed for time. Some say gasoline is too aggressive and will eventually break down the glue used on the seams. I've never had any problems, but some have.

been using gas for 25 years without any problems :cry:

I have always used gas and then dish washing liquid after. Haven't experinced any problems that way.

Gas is a bad solvent to use to clean your filter or anything else for that matter. :cry: There are several issues: #1 The flash point of gas is something like 15 degrees below zero! :cry: You can start a fire while working with it with just a little spark. :cry: Also if you do not clean it completely out of your filter it could catch fire during a backfire. That is one reason why there is a mesh screen in your filter cage. #2 Gas can destroy the filter itself after prolong use. #3 Gas will destroy the glues that keep the filter seems together. #4 Gas is harmful to your system if you inhale it. It has been clinically shown with moderate inhalation to shrink the brain. Similar to sniffing glue. :cry: It us also not good for your skin. It can cause a chemical burn to some people #5 Gas is no longer cheap to use. In fact it is more expensive that other solvent, less the stuff in the can. I could go on but if you are not convinced by now you will never be. :cry:

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