ICO Dualsport

I have been looking at the ICO Dualsport Speedo/computer and I'm looking for some opinions on this unit, or any other quality units out their without breaking the bank.

I run both the Touratech IMO R50 Rallye and a ICO Rallye. Both are fantastic.

The R50 has the advantage that it will run on either AC or DC and is unique that way. Both have similar functions. The internal battery of the other ICO units (40+ hours) is also one way to go.

Either way consider a magnetic bolt for the disc instead of the old style magnets w/ epoxy.

The much cheaper Trailtech didnt last 6 months for me. Others have had similar failures--although not everyone.

I bought my IMO from Cycoactive--they where awesome. Baja Designs helped out big time on the installation and power sources--again kudos to them!

hope that helps. feel free to pm me if ya have more questions....

Hey Mike thanks again for the info. How did the weekend in the Desert go? How is the Dakar prep Going? Take care man and I'll PM you soon with a few questions I have about running V2R next year. Walt

V2R went well until mile 268 when i sucked a valve...

fun, and easy race. BITD does a great job on that one (and all their others)

Dakar prep is going well. Other than the skidplate and back up wheels i am done. It is one very trick bike. All black and silver. Dual everything....I am now prepping the T-4 chase truck. its a stretch -- i am not a truck guy -- but i am getting the hang of it. Internal roll cage, custom shell, dual bilstein 7100's, 4.5" DR lift, custom fuel tank, Mastercraft seats/harnesses, UMP filter, 315's and soona cool rack inthe back to carry the 25 spare wheels, 2 spare engines, tools, gear, parts, etc. etc...

I will ride I5 to baja and then ironman the 1000 (using Pemex stations--NO PITS!) then ride home on my dakar bike: early December i drive to the east coast with the bike in the truck and it all gets strapped on to the top of a fast freighter to France--then driven to Barcelona for the start...i'm tripping like a jackrabbit on the back 9!

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