WR 450F

Hey guys i been trying to decide between a XR 650R and WR 450F i wandering what puts out more horsepower and what would be a good bike i like the electric start on the WR but whats the better bike in your opinion ? :cry:

XR650R is better for power junkies. The WR450 is a better overall performance package with a good off road suspension and plenty of handling. :cry:

what type of riding do you plan on doing?

I can only compare the 426 to the 650 because Inever had the chance to ride a 450f so far.

The 650R feels more like old time enduro bike. It is a total blast. Lots, lots, lots of HP and torque even from very very down low. The bike is very stable in rocky trails probably because of its weight. It has a very good suspension for trail riding of almost all types to my sense. It is a very comfortable bike to ride for long rides. You feel good riding it even after 100 miles of trails.

the downside is that, because of its weight, it is not that easy to toss it around eventhough it does not feel like it. For example, if you find a trail and a you put a rider used to the 650R on a 426, he turns out to be faster on the 426 then on his own bike... (did it twice). My best buddy owns a 650R and loves the power but also knows that for performance matter, if the trail is not wide open, the WR is faster. WR also have great suspension, great power delivery, are also very stable... very nice bike.

To my sense, the XR is a nightmare on a single track while the WR is able to make is way pretty darn good...

I plan on some trail riding plus you know some backroads maybe the hatfield mccoy trails when i can but mainly the bike is gonna be used for to just ride around on no serious all out speed :cry: well thanks for ur replys :cry:

If you are a back east mud rider, go for the lighter bike. Nothing like getting a big pig stuck in a rut! Why not go for WR250F?

ima bigger guy 6'4 270 i dont think the 250 would do the job for me :cry: but yeah ill probaly have to get shock work done but dont matter i was wandering has anybody ever ordered a bike from that internationl motorcycle brokers and are they cheaper then dealers ? :cry:

I sold my '01 xr650r for an '03 wr450f for the increased seat hight(I am 6'5). All I can say is that I do not regret it at all. I loved my XR but I just think the WR is better in every way. I think the XR has more torque but the WR has much mor top end. The WR has plenty of torque though and there are tons of upgrades to increase power if need be( I doubt it) The bikes are very simiar in horsepower, both around 50 I believe, the curve is just differant. :cry:

I rode an XR600 for years, then went to a WR450.

The XR has more low end power, but it comes at a price, wieght. Although the XR is a rock solid machine, I love riding my WR much more. E-start, excellent handling, nice power band, reliable. Very happy with it. :cry:

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