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98 kx500 at 5000 feet and higher..baseline

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I have a 98 KX500 stock save for some cheapy spark arrestor. It runs like absolute ass on the topend, will blacken a plug after one 4th gear plug chop. Starts first kick usually cold or warm..does not want to idle. Bike has been sitting for a bit, can you give me a baseline for jetting to start with because right now it is WAY rich, just a baseline for roughly 5000 feet of elevation and higher, plus some occasional street dutry, so I would likeit rich a bit ont he top end..but safe rich..not black rich. Also under deceleration the engine pops considerably like it jerks the bike forward like someone is blipping the gas. Throttle respons eis excellent..miodrange feels ok..but falls on its face on top. psark plug stock is a B8EG, I have a BR8EG..I guess the R is for resisitor...

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