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valve issue repeat

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Drove into Ill. saturday to do some Maintnance on my older sons kawi, about 7 months since last piston, decided to pull the head, and clean and check everything out, Upon removal of the valves and inspection of the clearances Found that the valves were as I set them 7 months ago, but the same intake valve was starting to hang up again, inspected it but could not see any visible problems, replaced both and the new valves slid in freely and easily, now to put it simple he is an A rider and he pretty much hammers this little fella to death, I think the maintnance schedule I have chosen will work for us,6 months seems to be the magical no. I have also noticed that the outer cluch pressure plate does not hold up very well seems to groove fairly easy. My other sons F is running great but at the end of this year it will be time to do the timing chain and crank rebuild on his, and I will try to pick a time at that point to make the 6 hour trip back to Ill. to do the older sons in that time frame too, as Stated before watch for the hanging valves, This will be the second time I've seen this on my own bikes, whether it is heat related, seat related, or the valves themselves with there small stem diameter, somthing is causing them to distort slightly within that period of time and that is where your failures lie, be prepared to pull maintnance, within that short period of time there is enough carbon build up to warrant cleaning it out,Of course this depends on the type of riding you do also. believe what you want. This is not the same bike that had the sticking valve pryor to this,somthing to think about, valve don't shut motor don't run, simple

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