1983 xr500 mods

I am placing this post on behalf of a friend who rides an old 1983 xr500. He does the odd hare scramble and natural terrain motocross etc. and is looking to try and improve performance. If not entirely familiar with the model it is air cooled, prolink rear suspension with drum brake, disc front brake etc. The engine has recently been rebuilt and is great. It is lacking in the brakes and suspension area. My enquiry is regarding any mods that anybody might be aware of with this bike like fitting later model rear shock or front spring upgrades or brake upgrades. I realise this is an old bike and I did suggest to him that before he went too far with it he should maybe consider upgrading but budget (and a wife and two kids) doesnt allow that option at the moment. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

I am selling a set of Race Tech cartridge emulators (new) for that bike-see classified section- that will help the front end quite a bit. It certainly won't turn it into an XR600 front end but the emulators are simple to install and very effective compared to most front end mods you can do to the old damper rod forks. Check out www.race-tech.com for a good explanation of how they work. I have used these and the difference is substantial.


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