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Suspesnsion setting

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I am racing a hare scramble this weekened and i was wondering what you guys would recommend i have for the number of soft or hard clicks. The course is corn fields, a stream crossing, and some single track. Thanks for any help.


1987 Xr250r- 909 Team talls, Millville tires, maier

plastics, ufo universal mx fender, cycra bark busters, k&n airfilter,white brothers e-series, snorkel removed, and many more experiments.

1961 Honda 90

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personally i run my suspension pretty loose, if it does not bottom out once in a while your not using the full travel, the idea is to isolate yourself from getting the crap beaten out of you for 2 hours .

to situate you,

When i stand besides the bike and push down (fairly hard) on one foot peg the bike probably drops down 3" equally front and back. A soft suspension wont do a good job is on a mx track and/or in sand. The other thing , if its muddy and single track you might want to firm up the front one click to allow you to turn without plowing.

This is only a recommendation , suspension is a very personal thing.

You might wander to the Race section of TT in Dwight Rudder's forum, there are several threads on race setups, everything from tire selection, pressure and suspension settings.

He runs his suspension pretty loose as well.

have fun


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