Used 650R help

Hi All! Just found this board and need some advice. I just got back into dirt haulin after a 10 year layoff. I loved my old 86 XR600. I had all the goodies on it. I just bougth a used 2001 650R for a good price. It starts and runs good but I feel I need to do some work on it. The motor sounds noisy - nothing specific but just alot of engine noise. Does the timeing chain or valves need adjustment? Can I do this myself or should I have a dealer do it? Anything else I need to do or take care of on this machine? I don't have a manual for it and plan on getting one from Honda. I also plan on adding an exhaust and some other add ons. Any recommendations? XR's Only, White Bros? Thanks, I appreciate any info that will save me money or headaches down the line.


Hi, yes the engine is noisy don't worry about it,you'll hear it less when you get your new exhaust.

Yes, the valves need checked

( I do mine every 3 rd oil change , ie.

every 1800miles ) .They are easy to do

yourself, especially if you have the manual.

cheers, Craig


I just bought a used 2000 650R. It makes alot of engine noise also. My friend has a brand new 2002 that also makes alot of noise. He thought there was something wrong with the engine. Then he talked to a good Honda mechanic who told him these engines just make alot of valvetrain noise. I notice mine mainly at idle or at low rpms.

It is not hard to adjust the valves on the 650R. You probably should look at or buy the service manual to do this. Should'nt take more than an hour to do. Good luck. :)

Thanks Guys! That's what I wanted to hear. I ordered a shop manual from Honda yesterday. A whopping $50! Now it's time to go shopping for an exhaust. Keep safe.


Originally posted by Danco:

Now it's time to go shopping for an exhaust.



Do your homework on exhaust systems. I had a '00 650R. The Honda competition baffle is the best exhaust for the buck. Most aftermarket exhaust systems cost big $$$, make more noise, and have little to no more power. They do have the cool look that the stock pipe is missing. Just my .02

Anyone know how much the HRC baffle costs? I just ordered the stuff to uncork this beast from XR's only. The intake manifold, jets, uni-filter, smog block, etc. I was planning on just drilling out the stock core. Maybe I'll just get the HRC core. I was looking at the XRs only exhaust.

If you care about noise, try an FMF Q (Powercore IV Q, is the whole name I think). They are reputedly almost as good as any ultraloud pipe, but pretty quiet.

Mine has the HRC baffle and a White Bros R4. The HRC is a clean solution, but kinda loud when you relly get on it. The R4 is deafening and offers no more power and not much weight savings.

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