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WR250 2002 Selling Price?

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What is a good price to sell this bike at. I got a good bit of money in it and i really want to get a 2005 YZ250F. I was thinking around $3200-$3400. I have YZ tank and seat.. but the thing i was wandering... Why would anyone buy a 2002 when they can usualy find a 2003 with auto decompression (out of the box) for not too much more. I know i could add the 03 cam to it but i wanna sell it with little or no more money than i have to put into it. Are there any benifits the 02 had over a 03 so i can talk it up some. Do you think $3200 is a bit steep? The bike is raced but runs perfect fires up first kick, and gets serviced after every ride. Only reason i am selling it anyways is to be in the yamaha contengcy thing so i can possibly make a few $$'s here and there. But what do you think. With the mods listed what do you think is a good asking price. I have all of the old plastic, 2002 tan/seat and rear fender all untouched. i am trying to sell it by end of november so im going to put it outside the shop and hope some customer is looking for a nice trail bike. What do you think? Thanks...


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