High idle and warped rear brake disc

Considering I just now got DOT tires along with street registration, I finally got a chance to really ride my new 03 XR650. With only 30 miles on it, I noticed this things revs high after coming to a stop. Usually letting the clutch out a little returns the engine to idle. I read about this on on of the XR650 sites but was wondering if anyone knew why this happens on the new bikes? Lean condition is not the case because it is stock and here in Colorado Springs we sit at 6,000ft. (waiting to get HRC exaust tip before uncorking and rejetting).

Another thing that kind of pissed me off a little. When mounting my new rear I noticed the brake disc is warped. Its not enough to stop the tire but makes the brake assembly move a little side to side. I understand the system is designed to float a little but do you all see this being a problem? I tried to bend back but not much improvement and I'm not looking to spend $100 on a new disc right now.


I tried to bend back but not much improvement and I'm not looking to spend $100 on a new disc right now.

i had the same problem with my rear disc - i used 2 cresent wrenches and got it pretty straight :cry:

jeff :cry:

what made them warp? but ideally the caliper isn't needed to move?

What made it warp? I'm not sure really. I only rode the bike about 15 miles when I took the wheels in to get the Dunlop 606s put on. I din't do anything to bend it and the bike shop says he didn't do it (of course). My impression is either it was dropped at the shop or it just came that way.

Hey man you are super lean if your running totally stock at 6000 feet. I'm surprised you haven't boiled over yet.

Oh yeah, when you rejet remember to change out the slow jet also. Go to Honda part *68S slow jet. That will help with the idle problem and the popping.

Super lean? When you go up in alt you go down in jet sizes. Less dense air = too much gas in a stock condition.

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