What do ya'll think about supercross/motocross?

hey chorbelt,

i agree with you on some points. but remember, that for every stadium track there are at least three to four "natural" or "old-school" motocross tracks. there are a lot of great practice tracks just dug in out in the desert...if you know where to find them. so yah, i think the sport is changing to appeal to the lowest common... but there are still plenty of tracks out there that appeal to those of us who appreciate corner speed, whoops, and technical sections that favor ground speed versus the amount of air you can get.

keep riding.

and your'e right, you will never see me trying to clear a triple but bring on those three foot whoops...desert or track don't matter. it's the closet i can get to being a rodeo rider!

Funny thing is, I'm not sure if making the tracks harder is limited to just motocross. I have friends that ride the NETRA series in New England, and from talking to them, it seems like some clubs are starting to make their enduros total rock runs, to the point of not even wanting to ride cuz all it does is beat you up. Is it just because everything is getting more extreme? I was over on the dunes in E. Wa. a couple of weeks ago and watched some dude break both his twigs trying to get big air, showing off for a couple of chicks on banshees.

Reading the post about "Is this worth it", I was wondering if I'm alone thinking that supercross/motocross/freestyle is getting too far out of control? Rick Sieman (of Super Hunky fame from Dirt Bike magazine of the70's) and Paul Clipper (TrailRider magazine) have recently written some columns regarding the trend of bigger jumps, higher air. Dirt Bike magazine just had a article about "basket balling" through 3-foot deep whoops. I wouldn't have tried that even when I was young and stupid. Granted the bikes are better than ever, but with a lot of these jumps, if you screw-up, you're toast. What are we riding for? Our own enjoyment, or to impress someone else?

hey chorbelt.

e. washington huh? i graduated highschool in oak harbor and went to college at CWU in ellensburg.

i love ellensburg and hope i get back in time to get my chunk of property before the area get's the "redmond" treatment.

just doing time here in california, getting enough experience to come home and work for myself.

lot's of good desert riding and baja is close, but right now i am melting!

Secretatlas: I ride a lot with a bunch of qauds, so we are at Moses Lake a lot. I like the CleElum / Ellensberg area so much more than Seattle, I just can't talk the wife into moving.

DrZ: Natural tracks are cool, desert riding is the best. (trails - not bowls, great on qaud with paddles, but not much fun on a big 4stroke).

Rocks are fun, just don't crash. :)

That mx sh*t is for the birds, I say. Same with freestyle. Natural "tracks" aren't too bad, though. Wide open 100mph+ desert riding, now that's riding. :D

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