nitrogen charging

"Shane Casad at Bilstein"

does he drive a black bronco..OJ style?

all race type shocks on vehicles run 200-220 standard...there are variations obviously.

If the manual for the 650 says 142. If you are trying to get a bit more spring out of your bike by bumping up the pressure...remember...halfass only gets you half way!

I disagree....pressure isn't only for the "spring". That isn't it's job. Adding pressure to a shock has to do with fluid controle. It isn't half way job to add pressure. Well I guess that's why all, yes I said, all the big race guys run way more then stock pressure. You would be hard pressed to find a shock bebiuld with stock pressure! To low of pressure and the seal will leak. I am sure JOHNNY CAMPBELL’S CR500 shock is only 143psi :cry: There big on running a stock bike. If your adding pressure for more spring you are going to be dissapointed in the outcome.

Johnny runs an Ohlins rear shock!

You say that like he allways has???? :cry: Well I better back off seems like I am wrong about all of it....Noone runs pressures above 160....well maybe they do...should run pressure above 142....and I am crazy enough to think just about all of the guys run it higher and now Jonny runs a Ohlins rear shock and never ran the CR500/KX shock........ :cry: Ok, I am wrong....must be a bad day for me :cry:

Does the ohlins not use Nitrogen? Whatever...Bruce you seem to have tried the 200+psi so if it works and you haven't had problems I'm not worried about it! I'm 175-180lb fully loaded I shouldn't have to change the springs right?

Thanks for the input!


There are a lot of guys that would love to weigh what you weigh and have the shock you have.........I weight 182 today and have the setup you have but, then again maybe I only ride half way :cry: the spring you have (10kg is for a 200~220 pound rider. The shock setup is what a 185~195 pound guy (just the guy) that is going to race would have it. It has been tested on true (lip to lip) 70' table tops. True 6'~7' drop off's. If you want to know your shim stack it is here: XR650R Shock

That's a picture of your shock and you have the Race shim stack at the bottom.

he may have gone back to a cr500 shock...

my buddy picked up an old ohlins of his...actual from Henge and I am pretty sure I saw an ohlins last time I saw the bike...

what do I know

Yes he has ran both...I think they had problems with the's all just stuff I have heard...I have never talked to the team.

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