Mud in carb

I have an 04 wr 450 and I went to install a JD jet kit and when I pulled the bottom off there was a large amount of mud right near the hole for the drain. Yesterday we went riding in wet and muddy conditions. The bike stalled a couple of times in wet mud. I had a real hard time getting it started and keeping it running. I pulled the filters out of the gas tank and they are totally clean. How can mud get into the carb? My air filter was fine also. Cheers S.

i think through accelerator pump

clean the whole carb including acc. membrane and put a lot of grease in the rubber seal on top of the pump

I did clean the carb thoroughly, I will have a look at the pump. Thanks for your help. Cheers S.

Where ius the accelerator pump located on the carb? Bottom right corner? Cheers Sean

P.s the yami manual sucks ass! :cry:

bottom right with rod pressing in from top...pull the throttle and check for movement in that area ; )

crap can enter via rod

it may have come in the vent hoses,reroute the two that cross over the top of the carb. make them go past the battery into the airbox,and just let them dangle down in there. why yamaha left lines that suck air down in the dirt would be a good debate question! :cry:

Are the two hoses the ones with the black plastic clip holding them together? Directly over the front top part of the carb? Thanks S.

ya they are 1/8"or 3/16" ? clear pinkish colored lines i think there are only two that go over the carb. :cry:

Thank you very much for your help. Cheers S. :cry:

Watch for the Hot Start cable too. I notice water in the hot start hole in the carb. :cry:

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