XR650L or XR400

I am looking to get into biking, I haven't ridden a dirt bike in a long time. I think I am definetly interested in a dual sport bike, but would still like to be able to do the straight line trails as well. I am 5-11, 205#....

I was originally thinking of A Yamaha WR250, but now am looking at Honda 650L or XR400.

Any suggestions on which bike to go with?

I have owned both, and I'd pick the XRL650 in a heartbeat. I liked the XR400, but it wasn't much fun on the street. By the time you geared it down for trails, 65-70 mph was an extreme effort. The XRL can go like stink on the trails and even some tight trails if you ride it right, and still cruise effortlessly at 65-70 mph to ride with your friends that have street bikes. I'm 6'4", 225 lbs, so if you're smaller/lighter, you might not feel the XR400 lacking in power, but don't try to go back after riding the XRL. The only other thing to note is that you have to uncork the XRL before even thinking about a comparison. As it comes stock, it's tired. Check out the uncorked threads on this forum for info on uncorking.

I think the XRL is a fire road warrior at best. It's emphasis is more street than dirt. The 400 IMO is better suited for dual sporting. It's lighter and less bulky then the XRL, and is at home on tight single track as well as open desert. You're not going to break any land speed records with it,but it's a good overall package

WHAAAT??? Fire road warrior? Please. The key to buying a 650L and being happy with it lies in your size? I'm 6' 210#, and I honestly can't tell the difference btw. my 650L and my buddies 600. If your a smaller guy, you probably will not like the 650, although you will appreciate the extra power. If all you do is street riding and fire roads the weight might not be an issue, but if you have to start wrestling it, you'll be better off with the 400.

I have a 2001 XR 650L and the bike is awsome! I am 6:2 170#'s and I wouldn't ride anything else. Sure the bike is a little heavy, but with some practice and different riding techniques, you can do whatever you want with it. As far as the street goes, there is nothing like romping through town on a bike that can cut corners like a car dealership and accelerate like a rocket!


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As a member of the Northern Michigan riding community, I would vote for the XR400. They are easy to make street legal and are miles ahead of the 650L chassis wise. Get in touch with me so we can talk about good riding areas.

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