Check out my $25.00 damper

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Where did you find that dampner for $25?


That looks great. Please give us a ride report, the equipment list and the steps you took to install this.

I'd definitely follow in your footsteps.

Shouldn't the bungee cord be red. :)

just tell me what to get and how to put it on.

It is a stock Suzuki part from a TLR. The big Suzuki sport bikes come with this stock. I see them go on Ebay for $20 - 25.00. It works great, and you get full lock to lock movement.


Can you give us a part number for that steering stabilizer?

I don't know the part # but any of the Suzuki sport bike steering stabilizers will work. There has to be vertical room for the stabilizer to lift when it moves lock to lock, that is the reason for the bungee - to keep it from bouncing while in the centered position. I've had a couple of good rides with it so far - you do not notice it until you need it, it really calms the BRP down at speed. That is all I ask from a steering stabilizer.

Dutch- that is excellent! 10 points for innovation.

But maybe I am blind- how does that actually dampen the steering? Is the center (larger) part conected to the steering stem, then the smaller rod runs all the way through? That's what it looks like to me, maybe I am wrong.


The body of the stabilizer is fastened to the frame at the steering neck. The rod is connected to the lower tree. The photo shows the bike with the wheel fully cocked to the left.

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