Lowering a 98 WR400

I need some direction on lowering a '98 WR400. I love the bike, but I'm 5'-7" and it sucks when I'm on the trails and have to stop on the downhill side. For you taller people, that equals falling over. I need to lower the bike so I can touch the ground comfortably. Can anyone help? Is this mod possible, or am I screwed? BTW, I'm 31 years old, so my growing days are over.

I've done some more searching and heard of a "scooped" seat that allows you to sit almost 2" lower! :cry: :cry: Does anyone know where I can find one of these seats? I'm still checking around, but I like getting feedback from everyone else as well.

I don't want to make permanent changes to the bike, because when I sell it, the next guy will probably be taller than me.

I had MX tech revalve and lower my 00 wr 30mm. The difference is really noticable. It feels like a 125 now.

I bought a set forks and a shock off ebay and had it lowered for trail. I switch back to the other suspension for MX.

Even with the lowered suspension, I can only bottom it in the woods while jumping big water bars, so it's a win/win on the trail. I would not ride MX with the lowered suspension though.

MX-tech lowered it for about $75 each end with a suspension service.

You can also lower the seat foam a touch and file out the subframe holes to get the seat a little lower still.

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