Did your new BRP come with any tools?

My '97 XR250 came with a multi-wrench and spark plug socket. My '01 BRP, nothing at all. Did I miss out?



Yeah, you missed out big time. I got

a sparkplug spanner ( wrench ? ) and a five

inch metal rod to turn it with.

cheers, Craig

And a wee plastic bag to keep them in.

Seriously though, I found that carrying a

12 inch piece of string in this bag is

perfect for tieing back the decompression

lever( at the left handlebar) to enable much easier plug removal.

cheers, Craig

Guess I'll have to get a multi-tool. The '97 XR's tools were actually quite useful. I've noticed a few things that have been cheapened a bit in the four-year gap between bikes. Still a great machine though. :) Mac

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