Aftermarket Plastic

Does anyone know where I can get a good price on aftermarket plastic for the xr650r.How about seat covers and graphics?Brp is ready for a facelift!

I believe you can get some good deals on stuff at XRSONLY.COM. The name of the company is Al Bakers XR's Only and they are located in Hesperia, Ca.

The cheapest I've found is at

I've talked to a few folks who have bought 'Red' plastic parts made by Acerbis for their XR650R's that ended up turning flourescent pink within a few months and Acerbis would not cover this under warranty. I recall some of the people who complained of this saying that their other colors from Acerbis were not a problem and that it was only the 'Red' plastic from Acerbis that had this problem. I've never heard a problem like this using plastic made by UFO.

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