Aftermarket WR 426 cams - Need more power

I have read all 35 pages of the "cam post" in the YZ forum. I want to put in some new cams to get some more power. As far as aftermarket cams go I know that Hot Cams and a company called CW (what does that stand for?) makes some for the 426. Who else makes cams for our bikes? Anyone put some cams in their bike that they love or hate?? :cry:

Your options are:

1. Yamaha OEM 03 model YX cam, as per thew PDf file...

2. The CW cams are OEM Yamaha ones that have been modified with 03 sprockets. CW is a TT member and offered the cams a while back...

3. Hotcams with or without the autodecomp feature

4. YZ time your existing 426 cam, but you will not get the autodecomp feature...



thanks yamaha dude!!!

I think I'm going to go with the hot cams. I ride in the dunes and need all the power I can get.

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