Am I expecting too much?

I'm looking to use my 650 as trade in on another bike. Now, I'm not joking when I say you could eat off this bike--its very clean. Its got brand new graphics, new brakes, air filter, and grips. Its also got an E-Series with a couple rides on it. The tires are good (front tire has 3 short rides).

I'm going to drive 3 hours Saturday to a dealer, and see if I can get $3500 on trade. Think I can get it?

I just bought a really nice 2000 with the HRC breathing kit and fresh tires for $3500. Private sale in TX.

I just bought a 2001 with low miles for $3700. I feel I got lucky as the bloke I bought it from was scared to death of it. There were several others in Michigan (2001's) for $4500.

you should get 3500, you may end up paying full retail or close for the new one. If you are paying full retail don't pay hundreds for dealer setup and freight. Was reading a thread on Cycle World about horror stories of $500 set up fees!

Yeah, I've seen many dealers advertise for really, really low, then stack on hundreds of dollars in set-up fees, etc. I've already talked to this dealership and got the "out the door" price on the bike. If they can match what I want for trade in, then they've sold a bike!

No matter how nice your bike is, don't expect the dealer to give you anywhere close to what it's really worth. You are better off selling it privately. I know that bites, bit look at it from their perspective.

1. What if you bike is really clean, but has some major, hidden problem. If they sell it to someone that has problems the first day, they will have to fix it (even if not legally obligated). This type of thing does occasionally happen, so they have to leave a "cusion" on trade ins.

2. Remember, they are in this for a profit.

3. If they are a "good" dealership, they will spend some time checking the bike over. Sounds like in your case it doesn't need much.

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