05 yz450 tripple clamps

I am purchasing a 05 yz 450 when they are available to me and I want to make my own tripple clamps. I work at a yamaha dealer and have access to a 04 yz450 for parts duplication, but need to know if the 05 and 04 tripple clamps are identical. ie, same part #. I hate the fact that the top clamps are a fixed mount for the bars. :cry:

they are the same size, but I dont know if they are the same part number.

Dont make your own, buy some aftermarket ones.

I am completley capable of making my own. I want to copy the RG3 style. I will be using 7075 T6 aluminum and a CNC mill. I have the proper tools and knowledge. but thanks for the input.

hmmm all that knowledge and equipment and you dont even know if the clamps are the same size? :cry:

juz kiddin cuz, good luck.


While your at it, make a four post rubber mounted top clamp that will take a Scott's dampener as well. :cry:

I'm getting a RG3 for my YZ, and have been looking into a front fender mount kit for the Scotts.

I'm sure you could make a lot of extra $$$.


hey thats a pretty good idea. my 450 is just on the edge of being swap happy at wot, and I need to raise the forks in it to get some tighter cornering. I would have to get a damper to do it.

See if you can make a fender mount for one too.

Scott's already has a fender mount kit.

Just to continue the "if you make it, I'll buy it" idea.

Make a Scott's mount for the Pro-Taper Rubber Mounted clamps as well. The angled bolt design on the bar hold down clamps is something Scott's hasn't made a mount to fit.

I'll pay you good $$$ to make one and I'm sure others would too.

I saw RC has a street bike style dampener mounted behind his plate. I'd really like one like that, so people can't see it. Good theft deterent, and if your buddies can't see it they won't know its there.

Just wanted to mention something on the Scotts/ RG3 thing. The clamp from their triple clamp does in fact match the RG3 (old ones) hole alignment. Scotts has a specification on their website. I have it bolted to my 250 right now. That's correct a RG3 upper triple with a Scotts dampner on it. BUT before everyone get's all wet, the area where there is a problem is the two mounts closest to the rider on each side hit the pin for the damper when turned. RG3's have such a wide spread on the bar mounts that the turing radius is affected. Now I grinded mine. I would not recommend it long term, but I have a race this weekend :cry:

I contacted RG3 and asked them to send a top clamp to GPR, they gladly did it and GPR is designing a system which will bolt onto the RG3. Ralph (pres of GPR) is doing the final design review I am going to purchase one.

ok, so enough about me building other styles of clamps and adapters, are the o5 and o4 top tripple clamps the same part #? :cry:

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