Super Motard XR650L Question?

Has anyone ever gone the route of having two sets of rims ie. dirt w/ dirt tires and 17' motard w/ slicks for the road?

I enjoy both and I'm wondering if it's worth the time and effort to purchase another set of motard rims to switch out when looking to ride street.

Main reason is my insurance is way out of wack! Example: RC51 Full Coverage = $7242.36/year. I'm 31/married/Home owner - 4 speeds - 2 Claims = MOTARD!

Just looking for a work-around to today outrageous insurance costs!

When I done mine I did'nt even consider using my stock hubs for two reasons one being I'll need a complete set of rims for dirt and two you can't beat a billet hub(talon etc.)for durability and looks this way should I need dirt wheels I could be ready to go in no time.....

I dont' have a honda but i am working on getting my second set of wheels to swap dirt to street (KTM520EXC). I ordered the KTM OEM 17" wheelset and have already got the rear wheel. I am still waiting for the front and a few miscellaneous parts to mount them. I am still trying to decide what kind of tires I am going to mount though. I am looking at either the pirelli mt 60r corsas or just going with sport bike tires. i can't decide. i do still have time to think about it though. i am dying to mount the wheels and take a rip on the street with my bike.

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