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American Fork trails?

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I would like to go riding this Saturday, but I can only go in the afternoon, so I am thinking of exploring some of the single track trails in American Fork Canyon, starting at Tibble Fork. I would appreciate any information on which trails to try. I am an intermediate rider. I love single track, but don't want anything too technical. I estimate that I will have about 3-3.5 hours of riding time.

Which trails should I try?

Which trails should I avoid?

Are there any trails that are best done in a particular direction? If so, which trail and which direction?

I was thinking of going up Tibble Fork (041) or Mill Canyon (040) and riding part of the ridge trail (157). I don't know how much of the ridge we could explore in this time period, so I don't know which way to return to the car. How are 040 and 041? Can they both be ridden either direction. I rode a mountain bike in the area many years ago and remember a really nasty part up near the top. I think it was on 041 but I am not sure. Would 173 be a better choice?

What might make the 'best' three hour ride?

What sections of trail should I totally avoid?

I am getting the trail numbers from the interactive map at:


I spoke with a ranger at Tibble Fork last Friday. He was re-opening the trails that have recently been closed to motorcycles (the ones in yellow on the map).

Thanks for any insights!

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