XR 650L, What kind of tires to you run?

The stock tires on the 650L pretty much suck off-road. I purchased some Dunlop 606's, and they perform really well off-road. The difference in tread was shocking at first. I can dig a 6inch deep trench up a steep soggy hill in a matter of secs with these tires. On the other hand, the tires are showing road wear even after one week. I am heavy on the gas when I rip through town and go to work (25min, one way). Sorry, the power is there and I use it. What kind of tires to you run and what kind of wear to you get?


I am on my 4th xr650l, I have tried 606's and I get better results using a Pirelli MT-21. Next, I might try one of those Michelin Trials tires mentioned on TT homepage... Kind of expensive though.

I spend most of my time on road, and the originaL Bridgestone Trailwing is just about shot after 1300 miles. (rear) I'm going with an IRC gp110. Can't wear any worse than the oem tire, and it's supposed to be just as dirt worthy.(which isn't saying much)

If you ride more in the dirt, or if you also have a motocross bike, try the Kenda TrakMaster. I run them on both my XRl650 and CR500. They're a little loud on the road, but excellent in the dirt. I put a new set on my CR500, and when they're ready for replacement, I "demote" them to the XRL and get fresh ones for the CR. An added benefit is consistency. Since they are the same tires, you always know how your tires are going to behave. I get mine from Chaparral.

Hey, couldn't resist helping someone out with this one. I rode an XR650L for six years, about 30,000 miles of 80% off, 20% on -road.

The best tires I found were the Pirelli MT 21s. I could get 2500 miles out of a rear, including heavy street use. The front could pack up a bit in soft mud, but that's about the only gripe, other than they're not cheap.

I also used the Kendas, but I found them to be a little soft when it comes to wear. They ARE predictable, though.

Good luck.


I too was looking at the MT-21 and was wondering what size works on the 650L. The stocker rear looks kind of skinny. And how differently does the 21 tire (front and rear) handle from the stock on pavement? Thanks

We're going for Desert fronts and Mich T61 rears (Desert pattern but last longer and ride better) and expect to get 7000km out of them


the tires BMW uses on the R1150GS Adventure sure look cool.... they are continentals. I wonder if they are the same size as the 650L tires?

Desert Rider,

I would like to spend a week end in your shoes. The Sahara Desert. I'll bet it sure beats Baja. :)

I don't reckon Baja beats Sahara, Moredesert, but it's the nearest dz around.

I'd love to ride Baja too one day, it seems to have it all...


anybody who rides a lot of off road,should check out the irc vulcanduro.The best price for the best wear.(cheap)I think I paid under a hun last time.I dont know how you ride but I tend to tear off hunks of rubber.When you ride a 650 you have to ride it(it seems to want to go were it wants sometimes)and in most occasions a fresh tire is a must.I ate my stock tire in two rides(approx 50m).Never to go back.I used to own a xr500r,it liked the vulcanduro as well.

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