Gas tank preferences

I'm changing my stock tank to a larger (4-gal) capacity.

Any suggestions, Clarke vs. IMS ?

clarke 4.3 :cry:


jeff :cry:

Thanks for your response !


Clark and IMS and Acerbis are all good. There is also Aqua from Australia--very cool--and very big, and a 10 gallon unit from Africa Queens, Germany....

Clarks are a bit narrower--good when standing up. IMS has 3 sizes so you have options--plus color choices--up to 7 gallons!

The Acerbis is also worth considering--their under the seat tank will accept the IMS or you up to 9 gallons with a slim design.

All are good. None is prone to major issues.

Expect to pay about $250 and up....

IMHO it comes down to what size you need.

3.6, 4, 4.6, 3.4/6, 7, 10 or 11 gallons....another thing to consider is running a Edelbrock carb. Set up properly you can get 10% or more additional milage...

so an 11 gallon Aqua with a lean edelbrock and mellow riding can give ya around 350 miles!

Not sure if the Acerbis 3.6 under the seat tank can go with a 11 gallon Aqua would be over 100lbs in fuel!

What ever you get you should like....I like my Clark 4.3 (holds more then that but, like all of them it's not all usable....ya, I know you can lay the bike on it's side) Costs $169 @ and jws or mike gave me a number of a place in Arizona that selles them for $145.

But, the IMS 4.6 is hard to get to the carburetor to adjust the idle.


Thanks much for your input on the tanks, I've decided on the Clarke 4.0. Looking foreward to using it next month in Baja. Good luck with your preperations for Dakar....Hold On!!

Kevin :cry:

I run the clarke as well.. Hey.. you can buy my whole bike... save you the insatall time.. lol.


I've used the 3.3 IMS for racing and the 4.6 for Baja riding. Both work well, fit is great. The IMS 7.1 Australia tank is slim and good when not riding with a chase truck close by as well. Does the cute woman help or hinder gas mileage?

Keeps my engine running :cry: When I am near her the bike gets great gas milage! When I am riding and far from her it get real bad gas milage.....because it's wide open trying to get back! :cry:

After staring at the picture of your "bike" for three hours I noticed your fork boots are installed incorrectly. LOL

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