i just got a fmf power core spark aresster and i dont know if i should re-jet my carbs or not if any1 has some info please let me know

You need to take a plug reading. Put a spark plug wrench in your pocket. Find a secluded stretch and run your bike through the gears WFO through 5th. Then pull in the clutch and hit the kill switch. Bring the bike to a stop and remove the plug. The tip of the plug should be tan in color. White means it is too lean and needs a larger jet. Black is too rich, but it's unlikely that it would be black. You cannot rely on what someone else did to their bike with the same setup. They could be at a different altitude in relation to sea level in their area that could require a different jetting. The only way to know for sure for your bike in your location is to take a plug reading.

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